coquo - Beautiful modular kitchens (and other rooms)

Could this be the perfect kitchen?

New Montreal-based coquo creates modular freestanding kitchen furniture that is timeless, durable, and SO BEAUTIFUL. There are loads of options to choose from to create your ideal space, including a natural palette of materials - oak and steel - in shades of natural timber, matte bronze, midnight black and glossy white. Their tagline is ‘Modern lines with old school charm’.  I am just giddy inside with excitement, I love these designers so much!

About coquo - meaning “I cook” in Latin, it is the brand-new modular kitchen concept designed by the founders of Cuisines Steam, a custom kitchen design and manufacturing company in Montreal. With coquo, Brigitte Boulanger and Jean Côté, creators of this new brand, wanted to rethink the kitchen by giving life to each space with more freedom.