The Dock Building by MGA

MGA has created a new boathouse in Vancouver for The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.  The facility provides offices for the Harbour Master, instruction space for children, washrooms and showers, and a variety of workshops to maintain boats, sails, and gear. 

"The project’s practical working needs, very modest budget, and prominent siting required a simple solution that honoured the cannery and industrial heritage of waterfront buildings that were once found on the site a half-century before."

A simple massing of two intersecting wedges composed of a series of glulam engineered wood and timber beams creates a strong structural foundation, with interiors featuring durable and affordable plywood and concrete. Waterfront garage doors open up to allow boats to be brought in and out of the water, while on the other side of the building a translucent polycarbonate wall brings sunlight in during the daytime and glows at night. 

MGA is a mid-sized architecture firm working on projects from tiny boutique interiors to large institutional buildings and airport complexes, locally and internationally. 

Photography by Ema Peter.