Detour Café by Mjölk

John and Juli Baker, the owners of Toronto design shop Mjölk, have designed their first café. Located in the historic town of Dundas, just outside Toronto, the interiors project is a revamp of the existing Detour Café and many of the design details are available on their Mjolk website (dangerous). Love the sage green paint (I painted my bedroom that colour in the early 00's, this means I'm old), and the milk glass pendants.

This project seems a natural progression for the couple, who launched their shop in 2009 and since have designed their own home (an apartment above the shop), created a series of product collaborations for Mjolk, and renovated a cottage on Lake Huron, Ontario. See some of their Scandi/Japanesey/Canadian design adventures on their blog, Kitka Design Toronto. Excited to see more from them (also, jealous).