Alta Chalet by Atelier Kastelic Buffey

The beautiful Alta Chalet has been shortlisted for an OAA award (the Ontario Association of Architects) for Design Excellence.

Located in the Town of the Blue Mountains in Ontario, this 3000 square-foot ski chalet was designed for a family of five as a weekend winter retreat. The design references the local traditional barn structures, creating a two storey volume with both open plan and private spaces for living and all the messyfun (that's a word) necessities associated with winter activities - snowy boots, muddy tires, dripping coats...

The open plan living areas are located on the top floor to take advantage of the views of the surrounding mountains while bedrooms, bathrooms, sauna, mudroom and garage are on the ground floor. And there is a hot tub, obviously

AKB is Toronto-based architecture studio founded by Robert Kastelic and Kelly Buffey in 2004.

Photography by Shai Gil, aerial photo (last shot below) by The Sky Guys